Lights on Friday

Anonymous asked: 14, 7, 2

14. yes
7. no
2. mmmm…


Anonymous asked: crawfords facebook pro pic is literally unnnhhhhh just perfect

HAHAHA oh my gosh 

upfr0mtheskies asked: wow do you live in nyc?

haha yes i do! xxx

Anonymous asked: 54, 45, 25

54. i wouldnt say i have trust issues, but there are people ive learned not to trust. 
45. whats wrong with me right now? mmm my grades arent so great and im tired and unsure of somethings but for the most part im ok
25. yes i have anger crying is very rejuvenating


Anonymous asked: 39, 41, 10 (details please!)

39. i dont get stressed about school work easily (which may be a bad thing because stress can be productive) but i get pretty stressed about other things. im also kind of claustrophobic so i get stressed about that kind of thing haha
41. yes i have but it never turned out too badly. i usually end up deciding that it wouldnt have been good to say anyway.
10. umm i suppose i can recall it but ive learned not to over share details on tumblr too many people i know read this blog haha maybe later


Rebecca on Wednesday
Strawberry milkshake today

Anonymous asked: I really like my crush because he's really cute and funny and tall but he recently just broke up w his girlfriend and isn't really willing to get into a relationship rn and I'm just really sad

awww dont worry give it time I’m sure hell get over his girlfriend and youll still be there hang tight dear xxx

tell me about your crush or anyone special to you

whats with rain being the weather of sadness in movies. like every time anything sad happens its raining. first of all, there just arent thunderstorms that often. but more importantly, why cant good weather be bad? a heartbreaking scene in blinding sunlight. now thats depressing.