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Anonymous said: what can I do in Newport RI?

sooo many things newport is fantastic where do i begin.

lets start with food theres tons of good food. I’d recommend midtown oyster bar or flo’s clam shack for seafood (oysters and clams), both are delicious but have way different vibes. pasta beach is classic newport, i think its a little overrated and its always crowded, but it does have amazing pasta and salads. dont go for the pizza, though, if you want pizza go to crazy doughs. thats like new york level good pizza but its not faux-fancy like pasta beach. for burgers go to willies or mission burger. both are brand new, mission has amazeballs fries and is all hip, but willies is pretty chill and you can sit outside. go to blue rocks for sandwiches and all your picnicking food needs, a market for everything healthy, keenwah for everything really healthy (and really $$$) and frosty freez for ice cream (its in middletown but its v worth it) (get black raspberry with chocolate sprinkles it will change your life). i suppose you can try the creamery, but only if youre gonna get an awful awful. go to empire tea and coffee for… tea and coffee they serve oregon chai ie they are my favorite. and of course you have to get a dels from one of  the dells trucks or stores, such a typical RI thing and it is so delicious i cannot even tell you. there are a ton of bars which are apparently great but im underaged so i cannot help you there. 

shopping ok so there is not so much great shopping in newport, you’ve got your little strip market off of thames and then a bunch of touristy shit, but there are a few places you’ve gotta go. original water brothers surf shop is an absolute must. sid the package and the other owbs have been shreddin in newport since basically the dawn of time and are some of the coolest guys around. they’re graphics are off the charts, pick a tshirt and move into it. hooley is pretty cool, and some of the shops down on the wharf have some nice things. meh ok theres not really any good shopping just go to water brothers you’re not in newport to shop anyway unless you’re completely out of your mind or are super into anti-yankees paraphernalia/stuff that was tacky even in 2004. 

moving onto outdoor activities. obviously there are the beaches. do NOT go to 1st (eastons beach (ugh stupid tourists not understanding our lingo)) unless you want to swim in sewage. 2nd (… i actually cant remember its real name) is good and rejects is good. i would recommend rejects, though its slightly a locals only type scene. no one will bug you though, you just have to find parking. if you’re into rock jumping go to jamestown. obviously there are the mansions which are of course very large and very beautiful. ive never done the big tour of all of them cause honestly it seems like a total waste of time. but definitely try to at least get a good look at some of them if you can, they are pretty spectacular. i wouldnt spend a whole day on it or anything. dont even think about renting one of those obnoxious scooter things because i will personally hate you. the locals hate those shitty things people are always getting into accidents in them. if youre into biking, rent a bike or something and go all along ocean drive its absolutely gorgeous especially around late afternoon. you can do it by car too. like walking? go to the norman bird sanctuary and take the short walk up to hanging rock, its got a great view of second beach and its a really nice nature preserve. also, sachuest point (thats what 2nd beach is called!! sachuest!! i knew that) has a really pretty walk with lots of ocean view. fort adams is also good for walking. newports really big on boats of all kinds so if you can try to get on some kind of boat and see the harbor. go to rose island if possible, you can spend the night in the lighthouse out there if youre feeling especially adventurous, its supposed to be spectacular. walk on thames street at night, preferably on a weekend, you will see such a broad smorgasbord of people, all totally hammered. its a very newport scene and you shouldnt miss it. its fun. this may sound odd but the library in newport has some really nice little reading nooks if you wanna check that out. the jane pickens movie theater is very special and has redonk gourmet snacks. 

onto festivals. newport is good at these. newportFILM is an year-round documentary film festival that has an outdoor screening every thursday of the summer. they are always at amazing locations and the movies are always breathtaking. plus theres really good food like tallulahs tacos (get a burrito. you will die of joy). of course, theres the folk festival which has been launching folk and rock stars since the 60s and is one of my favorite weekends of the year. the lineup is always spectacular and the setting is beyond beautiful. jazz fest is also totally awesome. 

things i personally love to do in newport: walk on Bellevue at night, swim off the rocks at the end of ledge road, look at the stars from the beach, bike on hazard road, have picnics on ocean drive

i could go on but this post is getting a little long lol i think ive given you a good personalized taste of newport RI. its a really special place to me i love it so much i hope you will/do/did too xxxx

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Anonymous said: R there cute boys at ur school?

hell to the yes