None of you guys ever talk to me anymore :(

from norway
the PS1 art book fair today was so great whenever we go it’s like a flood of inspiration. some of the people there are so talented and interesting and just produce the coolest stuff that you can help but obsessing over. we love that it’s in queens not only because of the incredible space that the PS1 MoMA branch inhabits, but also because it attracts only a certain type of people. the big art galleries are in manhattan, and that’s where the art investors stay. the people who come to the art book fair are there to see the underdog artists who maybe don’t have millions of dollars or millions of interested buyers, but who create things that are really special. it’s a great show.
Reid at the PS1 art book fair enjoying some jenny holzer
Reid at the PS1 art book fair today
some fruit yummm
new birks in the park
Bookers house is one of the coolest places I’ve ever been. it has an amazing view of manhattans skyline and this huge outdoor space.
Lucy’s sneaks on the bus