some doodles
to listen to #11

Pink Rabbits and I need my girl by The National

The National’s music is so beautiful. my favorite part is how natural and unmanufactured the instruments are. every song they produce is a lullaby-like ballad that washes over you like a wave of warm water. Also check out their other albums, they’re all masterpieces. 

to listen to #10

You Don’t Need The World by Bear in Heaven

by survey of my friends, Bear in Heaven doesn’t seem to be a hugely well known band. but they really should be. their album I love you, its cool is in my opinion one of the greatest albums of the decade. The music is so different and original, listen to all of that album as well its worth your time. Their newer album Time is Over One Day Oldis also quite good. not at the same level as I love you, its cool, though. 

first hot latte of the season :)
chi chillin
iced chai
got some jeans this weekend
Reid and chi last night
homemade latte
Reid and Rebecca being productive